Pasteurized milk


Milk is one of the oldest products the humans know. It comes from nature and is the basis of life. Clean and industrially untouched environment, lush, greening meadows, fresh air and slow daily rhythm, those are preconditions for an excellent milk. Milk of a happy cow is the best milk!

Milk contains more than 100 nutrients a human body needs, including proteins and vitamins. Milk is the best source of calcium. A healthy milk cow herd, proper milking technique, and hygiene is the basis for a quality milk. During milk processing, milk is pasteurised, for approximately 20 seconds it is heated in 80 - 85°C temperature, when bacteria and microbes are eliminated. During pasteurisation, all microelements and vitamins are retained.

Expanding the range of products, producers offer clients milk with different flavours, fruit, berry, chocolate, and for those enjoying active life style, milk with added proteins.