Curd snacks and curd dessert

Curd snacks

The tasty curd treat was born in Northern Europe. From here it has travelled to the world and it is beloved by many people around the globe. Curd snack is a classic snack that has retained its value for many years.

Glazed curd snacks are made of whole milk curd made from pasteurised milk. Curd is pulped until it becomes homogeneous and does not contain almost any grains. The additives are added, form of the snack is made, and it is cooled. After cooling, curd snack is covered with chocolate, cacao, or caramel glazing. When glaze has hardened, curd snacks are packed. The mass of curd snacks can include chocolate chips, raisins, candied fruit, coconut chips, nuts, berries, caramelised products, and other additives.