Semi-hard cheese

Matured cheese

Cheese is one of the oldest products consumed around the globe, and its preparation traditions are rather ancient. Cheese, without doubt, is a separate culture, art, and skills inherited from generation to generation. Cheese is enjoyed, it is admired, and true gourmets are ready to travel to the other side of the world to taste a special cheese.

Cheese offer mainly consists of the matured cheese. It is cheese that, after pressing and salting, is matured in premises with a special temperature and humidity, until the cheese reaches the taste, aroma, and texture characteristic of the special cheese variety. Each variety of cheese has its own maturing peculiarities, specific conditions, temperature, and air humidity. Maturing period can last from several days up to several years. After maturing, soft cheese with mould or without it, semi-hard cheese with a crust and with traditional holes or without them, as well as hard cheese with the grainy texture.