Yoghurt is one of the most popular product in the world and it tastes different in each region and country, although the production methods are similar. In Northern Europe, at the Baltic Sea, yoghurt making traditions are comparatively new, however, the yoghurt made here has been recognised as one of the tastiest. Possibly, that the excellent taste comes from the clean and untouched nature that allows extracting quality cow milk.

Yoghurt is a fermented milk product that is made of pasteurised milk with added bacteria Lactobacillus debrueckii subspbulgaricus and Streptococcus salvarius subspthermophilus that change the milk sugar or lactose to lactic acid. These bacteria are the basis of yoghurt, if they are not present, a product cannot be considered yoghurt. The bacteria condense the milk, a creamy texture and the special sour taste of yoghurt is obtained. Yoghurt has high protein content and low content of carbohydrates. Yoghurts can be classic or with fruits and berries, and vitamins.

Yoghurt Drinks

Yoghurt drinks is a perfect choice for those who prefer healthy and balanced diet. Yoghurt drinks is a reliable partner of athletes and other active people, as these drinks refresh and help to regain strength after physical activities.

Yoghurt drinks are made of pasteurised milk by fermenting and adding lactic acid bacteria. Unlike the classic yoghurt, the fermenting process of yoghurt drinks is longer. According to the specific recipe, fruits or berries are added. If additional protein, amino acids and antioxidants are added, protein yoghurt drinks are obtained that are valuable because of their high energy value. Yoghurt drinks with reduced sugar and fat content are also available, as well as lactose-free drinks that are suitable for those with milk sugar