Butter 82%


Butter is one of the sunniest milk products. Golden and creamy butter is an integral part of many recipes. What would a sandwich be without a butter layer? What would porridge be without a golden butter bit in the middle? Butter is an integral part of many recipes, for example, vegetables cooked in butter, and butter dough for a tasty biscuits.

Butter is a concentrate of milk fat obtained by whipping cooking cream or sour cream and separating buttermilk. Butter is whipped until a homogeneous mass is obtained. Depending on the ingredients, butter can be sweet cream butter that is made of cooking cream, and sour cream butter that is made of sour cream. According to the European Union law, fat content of butter cannot be less than 80%, and water content cannot exceed 16%. Different additives, for example, garlic, greens, sea salt can be added to butter.